The streets of cities can be dull. It’s fun to see them being brought to life by street artists. It’s difficult to not like Pierrot’s work, but not all people love graffiti.

The artist creates 3D graffiti illusions that look like they are about to jump off the wall. If someone didn’t expect to see a dinosaur or a lion, they would be in for a scare. It’s amazing to see the transformation from a simple wall to a work of art when Pierrot takes before and after pictures.




Pierrot started painting for people. Pierrot writes on his website, “Passionate about drawing, I founded my decoration company GrafoDeco. Addressing both individuals and professionals (public or private companies), event organizers, associations, or all those who are anxious to bring a touch of originality to their interior or exterior decorations. I paint all supports (walls, panels, canvases …) and of all sizes.”






Pierrot did not study in any art schools. He started on the streets. He learned everything on his own. Pierrot mentioned in a previous interview that he was inspired by a school friend to start creating art.






Pierrot does street art, but he also creates optical illusions that are very difficult to do. It takes a lot of experience to understand perspective, light, and many other things at an insane level. Street art is an amazing and very technical art form, and this shows that.






Pierrot comes up with fun ways to photograph it. He makes his art interactive so that people can take fun and unique photos with all kinds of creatures, characters, and even animals that don’t exist anymore. One of the reasons Pierrot’s work is so popular is because he dresses and poses with his work.






Pierrot said in an interview, “My primary goal is to make people laugh. For people to have fun and escape by looking at my paintings. I have been drawing since I was little, my cousin drew a lot, and I started vandal graffiti in 2001 with a school friend.”






“The hardest part is not repeating myself over time. I always try to create something new. Sometimes animals come back in my paintings, but I’m usually trying to find something that best suits the wall. I need to paint without always doing the same; it’s quite difficult over time.”






When asked, Pierrot spoke about the topics he chose for the graffitis, “I don’t have a particular subject or theme in mind. I don’t convey a specific message through my art. I just try to keep it childish and fun.”






“My style is mostly 3D and quite cartoon-like. It depends on the moment. However, the main goal is to make people smile. So that the people who discover my paintings will have a moment of lightness in a world where everything goes so fast and crazy. I watch a lot of cartoons. My goal is also to get away from the problems of everyday life and dream.”






Pierrot told how he chooses what to draw, “It also depends on the moment. I watch a movie or a cartoon and an idea comes to me. I also come up with ideas by looking at the wall I’m about to work on. The idea comes to me because the general shape of the wall is different (angles or wall superposition). I try to change the main subject of my art often. I don’t want to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again.”






“I started doing 3D designs 5 or 6 years ago, but I’ve been painting for 20 years. I still hope to paint even being old with a long white beard, young people will call me ‘the old fool of the village.'”






He spoke on what inspires him to keep on making graffitis, “My friends and traveling motivate me to always be more detailed and complicated. I challenge myself constantly. I am never very happy with the final result of my paintings, so I always try to do better every time, when possible.”






He mentioned whether people ever got upset with his graffiti, “No, people mostly like it, or just don’t care. I live in a village in the northeast of France. People do not look too much at graffiti and are not always fond of art.”

He even gave advice for people who wish to create art, “Always practice, don’t watch social networks and media, especially at the beginning. Paint, paint, and paint again. Especially for fun, not for the money or to be known. It’s a passion before it becomes a profession.”






He told a bit about himself, “I paint almost every day. I live very simply. My pleasure above all is to paint, find abandoned places and later find ideas for paintings for them. I do a lot of sports, like breakdance. However, I do less and less because I am getting older, it starts hurting everywhere over time.”






Pierrot gave out a message to the readers, “Keep your youthful soul alive, don’t be too serious and rigid in life. Remember when you were 10 years old and the world seemed like magic. This is my life philosophy and above all, be curious about everything.”