OnePlus 8 Release date: When Will the Next OnePlus Phone Release?

    OnePlus 8

    OnePlus 8 is all set to be the next smartphone from OnePlus after the release of OnePlus 7. The phone is still a long way from release but there is a lot of excitement about what OnePlus’s plans for 2020 are going to be.

    The company has been coming out with a number of phones off late. Their 2020 launch will blow your mind!

    OnePlus 8 Launch

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    Let us take a closer look at what the next generation OnePlus smartphone has to offer:

    OnePlus 8: What To Expect?

    This upcoming smartphone from OnePlus is expected to feature a foldable display as well as the largest battery you have ever seen in a OnePlus device. The company is going head to head with the likes of Samsung and Huawei with this plan for a foldable display.

    OnePlus 8 Specifications

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    It will most likely support 5G connectivity. It will ensure that the users of the phone get access to all the modern standards of connectivity. This phone might feature 12 GB of RAM along with 2 TB of storage.

    Release Date 

    OnePlus 8 Release Date

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    One can safely assume that it will come out sometime in the summer of 2020. Before this, the company might also release a OnePlus 7T, in line with the 5T and 6T smartphones that have been around for a while.

    It will be interesting to see what OnePlus does with their 2020 flagship device.

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