OnePlus 8 has a long time before it can even see the light of the day. However, when has that ever stopped the rumor mill from speculating?

Technology has come a long way, back in the early days we had Feature phones then came along touch screen devices and now we see the era of smartphones with ‘notches’. Phone companies are constantly trying to evolve and bring something innovative to the table every now and then. Now the reason we say that the OnePlus 8 might feature a pop-up display is due to a recent patent filed by OnePlus.

We have seen the usage of popup cameras, punch hole displays, and other modular mechanics among various devices and now the Chinese phone maker Oppo has some intriguing ideas that have surfaced via a patent application.

The patent published by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) titled “Electronic device with display panel” states that a device with a pop-up screen is being made by the company. Mind you, this is not a foldable display, it’s a sliding system. Several tech pundits believe that this might be for the upcoming OnePlus 8.

Will OnePlus 8 feature a pop-up screen?

One unique patent for sure looks promising and the chances of something like this being used in the new OnePlus device is very high. OnePlus 8 could very well come with a pop-up screen. As far as other specs are concerned, the new OnePlus 8 will feature the latest SoC from Qualcomm, hefty amount of RAM and internal storage witha reliable set of cameras.

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Check out the patent sketches (as represented by Lets Go Digital)

OnePlus 8 camera specs

The models shown in the published patent describes the popup display structure. It is seen that the pop-up screen uses a motor to do certain functions like open and close. There are basically two screens one is primary and the other is secondary.

Both screens will perform different duties. The second screen can be used to hold the camera and other sensors or could be used as a virtual controller. These can be used for gaming we might even see a physical QWERTY keypad. As far as the primary screen is concerned it can be used for streaming content.

We will surely see both these screen being put up for conventional use.

When can we see this take the limelight?

OnePlus 8 pop-up screen

This tech looks really neat but how and when will this thing hit the smartphone market cannot be said. This technology is in its early stage, it is obvious that this idea will take time before we see an actual device running a pop-up display.

Both OnePlus and Oppo are the same corporate entity. The subsequent devices from any of the two brands could very well use this technology.

It should be noted that simply because a brand patents something doesn’t mean that the company plans to actually build a product based on the patent. We might never even see this idea becoming a reality.

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Although the next flagship from OnePlus is the OnePlus 7 and Oppo’s next phone will come with 10x zoom camera system so it’s highly unlikely that any of these companies will come up with a phone that has a pop-up display. Maybe on OnePlus 8? Only time will tell.