The Wano arc in One Piece has given all fans an inspired setting by the Japanese Edo Period as the isolated Wano has now evolved into a place with its own culture and rules, other than the other influences. Wano’s people are now seeing all things their own way and this is specifically applied to a few most significant key elements in the world of One Piece.

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Luffy is training hard

Luffy Is Training Hard

The last few chapters saw Luffy training very hard to perfect his Armament Haki in a different way to take down Kaido during a rematch. As he trained, the Haki got a new name and as we learn in the chapter 940 of One Piece, this Haki is known as Ryou.

As we know that Luffy is now stuck in a sumo match against Hyogoro, Luffy uses this opportunity given to him to train well as they will face many opponents in the coming days. Luffy is now trying to perfect his Armament Haki which will enable him to hit his opponent without even having to touch the person. Hyogoru does not recognise when Luffy says Haki but he does understand what he meant.

Luffy learns from Hyogoro in One Piece

Luffy Learns FRom Hyogoro

Hyogoro is well aware of it as a form of power which may fuse a person with their blade. Luffy refers to as “Ryou” in the Wano Country ( literal meaning: “Cherry Blossom”.) Luffy now has a Haki teacher with a unique perspective on this. We hope that even Luffy manages to master his Haki in time.

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Things are steadily banding up for Strawhats Pirates. Kaido along with all the forces is trying to take down the forthcoming rebellion. However, Hyogoro plays significantly smarter. Now fans can’t wait to see all that Luffy learns from him in the next One Piece chapter.

A Brief Backdrop

One Piece by Ochiro Oda began its serialisation in the Shonen Jump Magazine in the year 1997. Collected in more than 80 volumes, it has been a commercial  success globally. Many of its volumes have broken many records in Japan. One Piece also has the Guiness World Records for selling the most number of copies published by an individual. With approximately 430 million copies sold, the One Piece series ranks amongst the best in 2018