It seems like One Piece will be getting a bit stirred up with the news of a new editor. One Piece manga is into its Wano Country arc and to the delight of most fans, this doesn’t mean that things are usual. As it turns out, some changing of hands is undergoing behind the scenes, as all manga fans wish to stay updated on the turn.

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And now, after all, One Piece is finally getting a new editor who will leave readers to part their ways with Takuma Naito after so long.

One Piece Announces New EditorOne Piece' Announces New Editor'One Piece' Announces New Editor

The news recently came out from Shueisha regarding the whole shape up in the editorial board. Naito will leave his place as Editor on the One Piece manga to a vacant room for Takano, who will be the new editor.

The much younger editor will work alongside One Piece creator Euiichiro Oda over the series as it moves ahead. This should also help him decide what’s next for the Strawhat Pirates.

As of now, we don’t know for how long will One Piece retain Naito’s contribution to the One Piece anime. For now, readers are unsure of what chapter will be his last, but fans feel that Takano will be taking hold of his editor post as soon as possible.

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With One Piece undergoing this arc, it’ll be significant for Shueisha to keep hold of series as it moves ahead. As the One Piece publisher has already selected Takano as the best-suited prism to go through Oda.

So are you excited to see Takano’s new take on the One Piece manga?

Eiichiro Oda helmed One Piece until now

One Piece manga
Eiichiro Oda created One Piece

For fans who don’t know, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda began its serialisation in the weekly Shueisha Shonen magazine back in the year 1997. Utd since combined over 80 volumes and has been a huge commercial and critical success for the franchise in Japan.

It has even gone on to set a Guinness Record for the most number of copies published by an individual author. One Piece is still the best selling series of manga with more than 430 million One Piece copies sold. One Piece also ranked one in 2018s sales of manga comics, which shocked many fans.