One Piece Chapter 942 is going to release in a few days and there is a lot to look forward to. So, this post is going to contain a lot of spoilers from the upcoming chapter. So please scroll away at your own risk.

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Big Mom and the gang are already inside the prison because they have been stealing their favourite food from there. On the other hand, Roronoa Zoro is carelessly chilling with Wano country’s most adored woman.

One Piece Chapter 942 spoilers

Recap: What happened in the previous chapter?

The previous chapter was titled ‘Ebisu Town’s Most beloved’. The episode showed us the funeral of Komurasaki. And Kurozumi Orochi was still mad about her fake death. Queen also got to know about Komurasaki’s death and flipped. On the other hand, Roronoa Zoro and Komurasaki were chilling together and the latter had her head on the former’s chest. Brook happened to see them and he could not believe how lucky Roronoa Zoro was.

One Piece Chapter 942 spoilers plot

Also, Yasu was crucified (not dead yet) and it was revealed that Otoko was his daughter.

One Piece Chapter 942 spoilers

According to the spoilers so far, the happenings in Udon Prison are going to continue in One Piece Chapter 942. It is highly likely that the plot of the upcoming episode will focus on Queen and Big Mom fighting over their favourite food. The subordinates of Queen are already trying to locate the thieves who stole the food. So eventually, the fingers will be pointed at Big Mom and the ultimate fight is going to take place. Also, Luffy might learn his brand new technique.

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We will also get to see what will happen to Yasu. He has been crucified but he is not dead yet. Law and his crew might show up to help him. The question that remains is if Roronoa Zoro will save Yasu or not?

One Piece Chapter 942 spoilers and release date

When will the next chapter release?

One Piece Chapter 942 will release on 6 May 2019. And the official scans will be out on 3 May 2019. The Shonen Jump is going to be on a break this week. Hence, the upcoming chapter will be releasing in the next week.