One Piece Chapter 941- Plot, Spoilers- Shogun’s Rage and Zoro’s Plan

Chapter 941 of One Piece will be coming out this week. While One Piece spoiler leaks have already surfaced online, the official summary of the chapter, however, has left most us disappointed as the story seems to be strolling at a relatively slower pace. Even the last chapter was somewhat the same.

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One Piece Chapter 941 Plot

One Piece Chapter 941- Plot

Not many liked the chapter spoilers, as it was really weak. The whole arc was good enough but the upcoming chapter makes us feel the same. However, the synopsis isn’t all that there is and we still have to look forward to it. But we’d leave this for fans to decide. Let’s look at One Piece chapter 941 spoilers now.

Before we start with One Piece chapter 941 discussion, please note that this article may have some spoilers for the next chapter. If you’re One Piece fan who doesn’t like to get spoiled, we’d advise you to stop reading here. We didn’t create any of these spoilers or even leak any of them. These are everywhere on the internet.

One Piece Chapter 941 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 941- Spoilers

This week’s Shonen Magazine will feature One Piece on its cover, and will also have a colour spread. Heading to the chapter now, we came across Orochi getting sad and crying over Komurasaki’s death. He believes that she’s not alive when she’s at Ringo with Zoro. We see Fukurokuju coming over and giving Witching Hour identity to Orochi. As per Orochi, Witching Hour Boy shouldn’t be alive till now and she even questions on this.

Heading to Ringo, we come across Zoro and after a long rest, he wakes up and sees Komurasaki lying on his chest which looks weird. Is she in love with him? Is she sleeping? We don’t really know. Brook is also somewhere close by, seeing this through the ghost form. Zoro believes that his soul is ripping apart after seeing this.

One Piece Chapter 941 Release Date

One Piece 940 will release on 27 April. Raw scans will come out tomorrow.