One Piece Chapter 940- Spoilers and Release Date- Big Mom’s Arrival

One Piece 940 is scheduled to come out in two more days, ie. Monday but the spoilers and its raw scans are already out online. As per the leaked spoilers, the upcoming One Piece chapter is titled as “Seeds of Rebellion” and will feature more of Luffy and will see Big Mom arriving in Prisoner’s Mine.


As we stated above, the spoilers for One Piece 940 are here and if you aren’t prepared to go through them or are avoiding any of them, we would like you to stop right here and not go ahead with the article. If these spoilers don’t affect you and you’re curious, we may get started.

One Piece Chapter 940: Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 940- Spoilers

Chapter 940 of One Piece will see Nami and others talking to Yasu. The scene goes back to the prison where Luffy was seen practicing what’s demonstrated to him by Hyogoro.

We also see Caribou on the page. Fans would be shocked to know that Caribou had been hiding Raizo within his body. As we know, Caribou is a Swamp Fruit user and with his devil fruit ability, we aren’t surprised that he could hide someone within it. Kawamatsu is still alive and in the prison, just like the last few chapters, as we only see his shadow.

Chapter 940 of One Piece will bring a lot on the table and fans are already hyped about it as the final page reveals Big Mom and Chopper alongside others, finally reaching the Prison Mine front.

One Piece 940: Release Date

One Piece 940- Release Date

As the raw scans of One Piece 940 are already here, the official release of the manga will be on April 22. This chapter will come alongside the Shonen Jump issue.