A really uninteresting One Piece chapter came out this past week. Many fans were not really impressed by One Piece chapter 939 as they felt that its progression of the story was way too slow.

One Piece manga: Story Until Now

One Piece chapter 940 spoilers and raw scans

While binge reading the manga, it would not look like a problem but once you follow it weekly or post a couple of weeks, it really feels something was left short off. In the last One Piece chapter, we came across Zoro and Hiyori having a conversation, where Hiyori reveals all the secrets to Zoro.

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While Zoro explains his mission to her, it all gets really exciting. Luffy continued onto his training and his Hyou showed his tactic to use the Arms Haki to shake Alpaca man off his feet. Now let’s discuss One Piece chapter 940.

However, we would like to tell you that this will have some official spoilers of One Piece chapter 940. If you’re not a ‘spoilers person’, it’d be better for you to stop right here. But if these spoilers don’t bother you at all, what’s the delay for and let’s head straight into it.

One Piece Chapter 940 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 940 spoilers and raw scans predictions

In One Piece chapter 940, we will see Luffy learning and training while getting hold of his Haki. During the time skip of two years, he learned all his basics but he hasn’t been able to advance them all up until now. He even needs to work more on his Armament Haki.

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We speculate that Luffy may defeat someone by this newly learned Haki type. A rescue operation might be launched by Law and fans would love to see whom Law comes across before he reaches to rescue them. Zoro may also start enquiring about the three allies and it’s likely that one of all may be close to them.

One Piece chapter 940 release date

One Piece chapter 940 will release on 22nd April, 2019. Raw scans of One Piece manga will come out around 19 April.