One Piece episode 886 is going to air very soon and it is going to be an intense one. The Whole Cake Island arc has ended and now the Straw Hat Pirates are going towards the Wano Country. But, before that arc takes off, fans will get to know more Holy Land Mariejois secrets.

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One Piece episode 886 spoilers, recap

What happened in the previous episode?

In the previous episode, we saw that leaders of various countries coming for the Reverie to Mariejois. Vivi, Shirahoshi, and Scarlett are also a part of the Straw Hats Pirates. But, they are keeping this information under wraps from the World Government to protect their people.

One Piece episode 886 spoilers

In the preview of One Piece episode 886, Rob Lucci and the other members of CP-0 will return. Lucci was previously defeated by Luffy when he was a part of CP-9. This happened in the Water 7 arc during Robin’s rescue mission. Lucci’s return in the upcoming episode would be epic. He will try to defeat a Celestial Dragon who is trying to capture Shirahoshi and enslave the Princess of the Ryugu Kingdom.

One Piece episode 886

So, CP-0 is a really powerful organisation which has ties with the World Government. So, this fact is going to be crucial because Shirahoshi’s colleagues are hoping to get her back. But, the situation has got more interesting because another Celestial Dragon came to the rescue. Apparently, he was indebted to the Ryugu Kingdom.

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When is the next episode going to release?

One Piece episode 886 is going to release on 26 May 2019. A new episode gets released every Sunday.