At the moment, the One Piece is undergoing its best time-skip arcs. The upcoming episode 884 promises adventures in continuation to the last episode.

However, fans haven’t enjoyed it as much as they enjoyed the manga due to its flashbacks and pacing. It looks like the story isn’t progressive, and even if it is, it’s all happening too slowly.

Meanwhile, post this arc, we may also come across a filler arc, lasting until July this year before we finally enter the Wano country. Before we reach there; we will have to get over with Reverie. In this very post, we will discuss the next One Piece episode.

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One Piece Episode 884: Updates

One Piece Episode 884- Updates

Before we start, this post may have some spoilers from the forthcoming arc of anime. However, if you’re a One Piece fan who hates spoilers, we advise you to stop right here. If you’re someone who doesn’t get affected by these leaks, let’s just get started.

Spoilers, Release Date and where to stream online

One Piece Episode 884- Spoilers, Release Date and where to stream online

The audience is set to see a few flashbacks. The whole arc is moving towards the end gradually. It seems that’s exactly how it shall be in the next episode too. Most of the episode will progress with the same storyline, while the rest will be full of flashbacks.

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Shirahoshi, Rebecca and Vivi will come across each other, discussing Luffy and how he saved them. We shall see how Luffy soarer Alabasta during a Flashback. The whole arc shall be summed upon in the second part of the episode. We aren’t looking forward towards the next episode, but we should wait for where it leads.

One Piece episode 884 will air on 12th May. Fans may stream it on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation.

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