One Piece episode 882 spoilers, teaser, synopsis: Admiral Ryokugyu’s full appearance revealed?

The last few One Piece episodes have been more like fillers. These were full of flashback scenes which stretches the manga unnecessarily. One Piece episode 882 may be more exciting and will see Ryokogyu who’s seen in the preview of the episode. Before we begin with One Piece 882, we would like to let readers know that the article may have some One Piece anime spoilers. Fans who wish to wait and watch the episode may avoid going ahead.


One Piece episode 882 Spoilers and synopsis

One Piece 882- Spoilers

According to the One Piece episode 882 spoilers so far, we will see the arrival of many highly ranked leaders in the manga. The forthcoming episode will have notable characters coming to Mariejois, which also consists of Ryokogyu.

One Piece episode 882 teaser trailer starts with the confirmation of Fujitora coming to Marijois alongside a Navy Admiral. We don’t know much about the admiral as his body and face were kept a secret and he appears in a silhouette.

The character’s locks, however, give clues that Ryokogyu will come with Fujitora in One Piece 882. He holds a high Marine position but despite that, we don’t know much about him and Ryokogyu is also an alias. Fans who only follow the One Piece anime shouldn’t worry as in this arc of the series, the identity of Ryokogyu stay a puzzle even in the ongoing One Piece arc.

One Piece episode 882: Will we see Ryokugyu?

One Piece 882- Will we see Ryokugyu?

Considering all this, it’s speculated that Ryokogyu will be in the dark in One Piece episode 882. But anime fans may see some intriguing details about Ryokogyu. One could be the fact that he hasn’t get himself for three years, but still has the strength to the battle.

As stated, the most recent episodes in One Piece have been full of flashbacks, especially when Luffy rescues Ace. One Piece 882 will cover from where episode 881 was based where Princess Shirahoshi comes and feels the surface world for the very first time.

One Piece 882 Release Date

Next One Piece episode premiers on April 28.