One Piece episode 880 synopsis, spoilers and watch online

    One Piece Episode 880 watch online synopsis spoilers

    One Piece episode 880 officially embarks the Reverie arc and fans just can’t seem to keep calm. After reading the manga, we believe the upcoming anime episodes to be incredible.

    While the two prior to that have taken a stretch, the other two are speculated to be the complete opposite. They will contain too much detail without having any flashbacks dragging the episode up. Many fans would know that the upcoming One Piece episode will be about the Revolutionary Army Commanders. So let’s begin.

    One Piece Episode 880 synopsis and spoilers

    One Piece Episode 880- Spoilers

    Before we begin with One Piece episode 880, we’d like to notify readers that this following spoiler synopsis may consist of some minor or major spoilers. If you’re a die-hard One Piece anime fan, abiding spoilers, we advise you to leave it right now. But if you are fine knowing more about One Piece episode 880, we shall begin. It should also be noted that we don’t leak these spoilers or synopsis. They are everywhere on the internet.

    One Piece Episode 880- Official Release Date

    Titled as “Sabo Appears! All Revolutionary Army Commanders Go Into Action. As it suggests, the chapter shall primarily focus on Revolutionaries. We haven’t seen much of them and the forthcoming episode seems like a One Piece landmark to me.

    We will also get introduced to four main Revolutionary army commanders. They are Belo Betty, Commander of East, Lindbergh, commander of south, Karasu, commander of north and Morley West, commander of the west. They liberate a whole area together by shifting the area’s power to its people. Meanwhile, they will also meet at Momoiro Island and a War on the World Government shall be discussed there.

    One Piece Episode 880 Official Release Date

    One Piece episode 880 comes out today, April 14.

    One Piece Episode 880: How To Stream It Online

    If you haven’t seen it yet, you may watch One Piece episode 880 on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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