One Piece Episode 879

One Piece anime is now going to enter Reverie Arc but it’s pacing is not as good as many fans expected it to be. Although that’s natural. Oda has been on enough breaks while the anime has finally started to catch up to manga.

This is why the pacing needs to get slowed down as much as one may like.

One Piece Episode 879: Story Until Now

One Piece Episode 879- Story Until Now

In the last episode, we got to know much about chapter 903 and while this does anger many fans, this just sacrifices the less significant episodes for more important ones. The rest of One Piece 939 shall be animated soon in the next episode, and we’ll be talking about that in this article.

Before we start with One Piece Episode 879, I’d like to tell you that the article may contain some One Piece Episode 879 spoilers.

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You may find stuff that you may be avoiding, if you hate spoilers. If this is what it is, I’d like to ask you to stop with the article right here. However, if you’re not affected by spoilers, we may begin.

It should also be noted that none of the spoilers were created by us. They have been complied from the internet.

One Piece Episode 879: Spoilers

One Piece Episode 879- Spoilers

One Piece Episode 879 will give us rest of world’s reaction to the bounty placed on Luffy. Among all others, the Shanks didn’t really react in a proper way, so we do hope to see him soon in the next episode.

Meanwhile, Yonko is also expected to react to the needs. Meanwhile, Koby will be entering the whole scene, as he will escort Kings to Reverie. The news of Luffy will leave him shocked too. We would also love to know how far he has come off in terms of strength, but he will prove this soon in One Piece 879.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 879 airs today, ie. April 7. You may stream it on Crunchyroll and Funimation.