There are some directions that Chapter 943 of One Piece may take when it comes to the story. It’s worth looking to them if predicting the thought process of the author is somewhat pointless.

The chapter shall touch the real story going on behind Smile, featuring Big Mom coming to the Udon Prison finally. We expect the whole scenario to be poignant enough as she should’ve reached there by now.

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One Piece Chapter 943 Plot

One Piece Chapter 943 spoilers review predictions

Chapter 943 of One Piece May come across the Wano Arc, which will bring it to an end after it kicked off what could have been its climax with last chapter events, as reported by Otakukurt. This segment will see Hiyori may be giving Zoro a bit of context in order to understand how the emotions of Ebisu town people were stolen in order to make Smile.

One Piece Chapter 943 Spoilers and Review

spoilers One Piece Chapter 943 review predictions

Lastly, many also assumed that Smile was actually a devil fruit that came from a vague source. One Piece Chapter 943 may make this process more consequential than readers could be comfortable with. However, the upcoming chapter should be looked out upon due to this potential development.

Talking about Big Mom coming to Udon Prison, this comes up as the wait is only getting more and more ridiculous. Based upon the timeline, it’s weird that Mom’s journey to free Luffy has already taken too long. Luffy should’ve broken the prison by now so it could be exciting for the next One Piece chapter to be exciting for all fans.

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None of these scenarios are guaranteed to happen in the next One Piece chapter we the author may also lead to a different direction. This has been the case in the past, keeping all readers on their toes.,