Chapter 942 of One Piece was pretty decent but many fans thought that the chapter wasn’t really enough. However, we went through it a few times and the last One Piece manga wasn’t that bad at all.

After a solid backstory buildup which got over with some horrifying events in the timeline right now. We will now inch closer to the second act of Wano Country arc. And now we will discuss chapter 943 of One Piece.

One Piece Manga Chapter 943 Spoilers

One Piece Manga Chapter 943- Spoilers

Before we start discussing One Piece chapter 943, we’d like all fans to know that the post ahead may have some spoilers, which many readers might not be looking forward to. If that’s the case, we advise you to stop with this right here, not going ahead of it. We aren’t responsible for leaking any of the said spoilers, they’re everywhere online.

One Piece chapter 943 is expected to be incredible as we will see what happens after the execution of Yasu. As we all know, Yasu was extremely important at Wano and no one will be forgetting him easily. Creator Shogun Yorochi will be facing a lot of backlash for the death of Yasu. Fans may get to see the captured Samurai finding freedom in the upcoming chapter.

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One Piece Manga Chapter 943 Updates

One Piece Manga Chapter 943- Updates

Meanwhile, we can also see a meeting being held where we might get to see the plan opted to hunt down Kaido too. That plan, as we know, has been reset for now, so it’s possible we get to see it since the beginning. Meanwhile, we will witness what devil fruits have done to Ebisu town people. Seems like we’re in for an exciting One Piece chapter next.

One Piece Manga Chapter 943 Release Date

One Piece chapter 943 will not release this week. The official release date for the next chapter is May 27. Raw scans will be available around 25th May.