The huge battle which takes place between Beast Pirates and Straw Hat alliance is now coming closer in Wano arc in One Piece Chapter 942. While all are anticipating for a huge day, a revelation just took place in the last chapter.

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One Piece Chapter 942: Plot Overview

One Piece Chapter 942- Plot Overview

In Chapter 941, it was revealed that Lord Yasuie who witched hour boy has been help captive, about to finally face execution. After hearing this news regarding his father, we saw Toko standing up running to Flower Capital believing he could save his own father. Things could get worse if they manage to reach Flower Capital, the same place where the fake funeral of Komurasaki takes place.

Many fans are curious regarding how things will lead in the upcoming chapter. We don’t know if we will see a leaked spoiler regarding the chapter. Nevertheless, leaks may pop up soon. Before the release of the official spoilers, let’s discuss what’s next  in the One Piece chapter.

One Piece Chapter 942: Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 942- Spoilers

We saw Shutenmaru moving to the Town of Bakura post the fire in the forest. An unexpected clash may commence between Beast Pirates and Shutenmaru. Shutenmaru disguises as Holdem to witness who’s one among the headliner.

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We shall also see the final arrival of Big Mom at the Prisoner’s Mine. Although they remain unnoticed them as they are held up with the funeral of Komurasaki. Towards the chapter’s end, we may come across Toko reaching the area of execution. This is where where Yasu states hi last words regarding Orochi.

One Piece Chapter 942: Release Date

One Piece Chapter 942 will release officially on 13th May. The raw scans may  come out sometime this week.

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