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One Piece Chapter 942 spoilers, release date and synopsis

    One Piece Chapter 942- Plot Overview, Spoilers and Release Date

    One Piece Chapter 942 release is now only a few days away and with each passing moment, more spoilers and leaks are making their way.

    Chopper, Big Mom and others seem to be the thieves of Oshiruko and the upcoming chapter will expose them which will result in a very intense battle. This post will talk about the manga, One Piece Chapter 942 and its spoilers and release date. If you’re a One Piece manga fan, we advise you to move ahead with caution as this post may have some major/minor spoilers.

    One Piece Chapter 942 Synopsis and Plot Overview

    One Piece Chapter 942- Plot Overview

    One Piece Chapter 941, is titled “Ebisu Town’s most beloved”. This chapter will see the Yasu, who’s the poor people’s hero, getting crucified by Kaido’s forces. After Otoko gets to hear this, he rushes to the place where Yasu was being crucified.

    Fortunately, she found him breathing and alive. Komurasaki is also seen sleeping on the chest of Zoro but as it seems like, Zoro doesn’t have any feelings for such things, as Luffy did.

    Heading to the Udon Prison, Hyougoro and Luffy are seen where Luffy is full after eating so much that he becomes bigger than his size. The theft of Oshiruko via Udon has taken place and it seems pretty obvious that Big Mom is behind this and she’s the thief who has stolen all the favourite food which belongs to the Queen of the Plague.

    One Piece Chapter 942 Spoilers

    One Piece Chapter 942- Spoilers

    One Piece Chapter 942 spoilers will also feature the funeral of Komurasaki where Orochi is still furious regarding her death. Getting to the spoilers of the forthcoming One Piece manga chapter. According to the spoilers, this chapter will see whether Luffy has mastered his new technique fully or not. This yet another strong technique enables Luffy to hit his enemies without having to touch them.

    We all know that Big Mom will be caught soon and she can’t hide for too long due to her immense size and the Oshiruko stolen by her that Queen won’t really forget easily. This could mean that they may face other soon. We can also see Law making a move to save the comrades loyal to him. Yasu might be saved by Zoro in One Piece 942.

    One Piece Chapter 942 Release Date

    Chapter 942 of One Piece manga will come out on 13th May as Shonen Jump Magazine will be on a break this coming week.

    Raw Scans Release Date

    One Piece 942 raw scans will come out around May 10.

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