The One Piece anime is going to show the new ‘Wano Kuni’ arc. And the 28th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine launched a new picture of the upcoming arc on Monday. The new arc of the anime series is going to launch on 7 July 2019.

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One Piece anime

New members of the One Piece Wano Kuni arc

The magazine has revealed some new details about the upcoming arc. It has revealed that the series is going to get a new director for the series. And the new arc is going to be designed by a new character designer too. The new series director is going to be Tatsuya Nagamine and the new character designer is going to be Midori Matsuda. And, Nagamine has worked on projects like One Piece Film Z, Dragon Ball Super: Broly and  Dragon Ball Super. On the other hand, Matsuda has worked as chief animation director for One Piece Film Gold.

One Piece Wano Kuni

Previous arcs of the anime series

One Piece had started the ‘Reverie’ arc back in April 2019. And this happened after the ‘Whole Cake Island’ ended back in April 2017. Also, it is going to get a new movie for the franchise. And it is going to be named, ‘One Piece Stampede’ on 9 August 2019. And this is going to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the TV series of the anime.

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New trailer for the upcoming arc

Also, the new trailer of the upcoming arc has stirred up quite a few reactions among the anime community. And according to the new trailer, Zoro is all set to make a return in the One Piece Wano Kuni arc. He was shown in the traditional attire of an official samurai. So, looks like he is back to his old tricks again.