New One Piece Chapter 939 spoilers reveal Luffy’s next battle

The One Piece anime is becoming more and more interesting with every chapter. Chapter 938 of One Piece came out on March 31 and left all fans shocked as they came to know of a huge mystery of Wano.

According to the spoilers, One Piece Chapter 939 this week will begin with Kamazou getting defeated by Zoro during a fight.

One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers

One Piece 939- Spoilers

Spoilers and rumours claim that Luffy will go against the Beast Pirate members. Luffy is still improving the Armament Haki and the last chapter did not highlight Luffy at all. This means that in One Piece Chapter 939, he will be seen again taking on in the sumo arena.

In One Piece Chapter 937 Luffy took down the Pleasurers. He has had no issues facing Headliners. He may easily take on Daifugo and Holdem. Big Mom has been suffering with the Hunger attack disease that Big Mom has faced since she was little. This is also danger for Kiku, Tama, Momonosuke and Chopper.
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Readers will also get to know more about Tonoyasu, who is suspected to be a Kozoyui loyalist. We may also see the return of Gyukimaru soon, who’s a follower of Oden.

One Piece Chapter 939: The Return of Komurasaki

One Piece hapter 939- The Return of Komurasaki

Kinemon is seen talking to Inuarashi about the issues discovered by him. All subordinates of Kaidou’s are arresting the people who have a waxing moon tattoo on the ankle. Kyoshiro is being hated by the city for killing Komurasaki. We are also taken to the village where we see Mugiwaras gathered. Nami hits Sanji after he sees her naked.

Chapter 938 of One Piece takes readers to Ringo in the North. Zoro awakens and meets Komurasaki and O-Toko, who was alive. The swordsman starts looking for Gyukimaru who takes away Shusui.

Another Wano secret was revealed as Komurasaki told Zoro that she’s hunting for her brother, Kozuki Momonosuke, whom she hasn’t seen for 20 years.

One Piece Chapter 939: Release Date:

One Piece Chapter 939 of One Piece will come out on April 15 in the Shonen Magazine. Raw scans will be out by April 12.