Nintendo Switch
Nintendo the popular video game and console which is infamous for not doing a collaboration but the latest development suggests otherwise about Nintendo Switch.
A few months ago Nintendo has a cut a deal with Microsoft which allows users to play cross-platform Minecraft on Nintendo Switch as well as brought once exclusive title Xbox-One Cuphead.
Recently Nintendo also collaborated with Amazon-owned Twitch Prime allowing all Twitch Prime users to access Nintendo Switch online.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

Switch online is Nintendo subscription service which provides features like online multiplayer, cloud sync, inbuilt voice chat, access to a library of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games, as well exclusive offers and promotions.
Nintendo also provides a dedicated app to manage the switch account. It used to offer Switch online service for free but now offers 3 plans to choose.
Nintendo Switch Online
The first plan cost $4 for a month, the second one cost $8 for 3 months and finally, users can pick up a yearly plan for $20.Nintendo also offers a family plan which allows a consumer to user 8 Nintendo accounts while costing only $34.99.

Nintendo Switch Online for Free

Recent collaboration allows Twitch prime users to get a Nintendo Switch online membership for free. Twitch will give out this perk in two stages:
  • Twitch prime subscriber will be able to claim 3-month membership on the first go.
  • After 3 month period, they need to claim 9 months membership.

How to get it

According to Twitch, the deadline for its Prime users to claim the subscription of Nintendo Switch Online is 28 September. Users need to claim for 9 months free subscription after 3 months subscription ends.

Twitch Prime

Should you go for it?

Even though the deal may sound sweet in the beginning but Nintendo owners need to keep in mind that they must be Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime Subscriber which can cost $119 per year.

If you are a Prime Subscriber and own a Nintendo then this is a good deal.