Nintendo Switch is available with YouTube from November 8


    Way back to March 2017, with zero streaming apps Nintendo launched itself and offered few number of games to play. A lot sooner in November 2017, Nintendo launched Hulu as it’s streamimg app and another Japanese domestic service app named Niconico.

    Now it has come up with another surprise for the public on November 8 this year. Youtube will be finally arriving to the hybrid console. Nintendo Switch after a year will display the option under the “You might also like” section on its official website. This was reported by Nintendo Life after posting this news on their website as Nintendo Switch was eagerly waiting for this hybrid console.

    Nintendo Switch is excited to accept the change and the arrival of the youtube soon also reported by some forum users over at ResetEra. ResetEra users has also stated about the plenty number of suggestions received regarding the YouTube app even if they are searching for the game’s option on Switch’s website.

    Youtube being the top-ranked streaming app is all set to put more value to hybrid console, along with gaming apps now Nintendo Switch will be all-in-one pack for its viewers. By the 8th of November it will be confirmed that the news regarding this was fake which leaked or not.

    Reggie Fils-Aimé – Nintendo chief operations officer has stated that they want to continue focusing on the making of gaming apps. Meanwhile, 20 million plus viewers wants Netflix to expand more and to arrive on Switch.

    Reports from sources says that when viewing the youtube from mobile, only 720p can be manageable by the screen and 1080p by desktop.

    Even if the Nintendo Switch only streams game options for its users it will still be the foremost console among all. Its popular streaming games are – first-party Nintendo titles and third-party titles with various genres options available till now.


    Source: Digital Trends, TheGamer

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