Xbox Live for Android, iOS &Nintendo Switch Release CONFIRMED

Xbox Live for Android, iOS &Nintendo Switch Release CONFIRMED
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Microsoft has been preparing to expand the support for Xbox Live for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. This was revealed by a scheduled session in the coming Game Developers Conference.

The session titled Xbox Live

Avers from G4G Media spotted the session which was titled, Xbox Live: Growing and Engaging Your Gaming Community Across iOS, Switch, Android, Xbox, and PC.

This was in the Game Developers Conference schedule which was published online. It also stated that this session will be presented by Jeffery Shi, Xbox Principal Program Manager, and Ramsey Khadder, Xbox Software Engineer.

What will the Xbox Live cross-platform be like for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch users?

Xbox Live for Android, iOS &Nintendo Switch Release CONFIRMED
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The Xbox Live cross-platform will allow players to connect on Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. This will help Xbox players to connect better and access their gaming achievements, clubs, friends list, and much more on more than one devices.

The cross-platform update is not looking like it will come soon. However, it is still a major move from Microsoft as it looks to improve their reach and strategy of games as a service.

Microsoft does not plan to include the PlayStation 4 on the cross-platform support. This might be because Sony only recently opened up its console to the idea of cross-platform. They started with Fortnite back in September. It is looking like Microsoft is looking to pull ahead by cross-platform access of their Xbox Live available to the people in order to get more people to be comfortable to sign up.

Source:  G4G Media

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