Antonio Brown seems to be in serious trouble now where a woman has filed a sexual assault case against him. This might eventually lead him getting sacked from the New England Patriots.

.The federal reports claim that Brown tried to rape her on three different occasions in 2017 and 2018. Whatever the truth maybe will be decided by the court, but the New England Patriots can’t take the negative publicity. There are high chances that the Antonio Brown Patriots deal is canceled after the sexual assault case.

Brown has been the face of media headlines for the past few weeks for his drama with the Oakland Raiders. Back in March, the Raiders traded in Brown from Pittsburgh Steelers but he wanted to go with the Patriots. It is why he started creating troubles for the Raiders until they released him. But the sexual assault lawsuit is an entirely different thing, which is not related to NFL at all.

Lawsuit against Antonio Brown

Lawsuit againts Antonio Brown

Britney Taylor is the woman who filed complaint charges against Antonio Brown in the Southern District of Florida court. She alleges that Brown forcibly kissed her, masturbated near her and then raped her on May 20, 2018.

While Brown’s lawyer Darren Heitner is denying the accusation and said their client had a consensual personal relationship with the woman. The lawyers have said that they will pursue all the legal remedies to clear Mr. Brown’s name and make sure something like this doesn’t happen with other athletes.

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Response from New England Patriots

NFL Response from New England Patriots

New England Patriots also released a statement to address the whole issue and said that they are aware of the whole situation. “We are aware of the civil lawsuit filed against Antonio Brown and has also got a response from his representatives. We take this allegation very seriously and have a strict moral code against sexual violence or assault. The league has been investigating the case and we can’t comment any further.”

One thing is clear that in case Brown is found to be guilty in the case he will be suspended from NFL and the Patriots deal will be surely canceled.

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