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NFL Rumors: Melvin Gordon Trying to Copy Ezekiel Elliot Deal is Bad For Fantasy Football Owners

NFL Melvin Gordon Ezekiel Elliot Deal Fantasy Football

Melvin Gordon is sitting out on a holdout and things are reaching nowhere with the Los Angeles Chargers. The 26-year-old running back is currently owed $5.6 million for 2019 but he wants a raise. The Chargers were even ready to offer him a new contract at $8.25 million per season but Gordon has some other plans.

The Cowboys promised to offer Ezekiel Elliot for the highest RB deal and it seems Gordon wants the same. Todd Gurley and Le’Veon Bell recently signed the largest deals and it has inspired every top player for new negotiations. The whole asking for a bigger deal by Gordon is big trouble for the fantasy football owners.

Comparison with Ezekiel Elliot

NFL Melvin Gordon Ezekiel Elliot Deal Fantasy Football Trying to Copy

While everyone is so much interested in the whole Ezekiel Elliot spat with the Cowboys, Gordon is barely getting any limelight. It is simple as Gordon can be easily replaced by the Chargers while the same is not true of Elliot. The Cowboys needs Zeke in order to make a run for the Super Bowl 2020 and hence some sort of agreement will be made.

Also, there is another factor involved where the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insulted Zeke and it has put a lot of pressure on the team. The Chargers are in no such mood and have suspended all trade negotiations with Gordon. Following other teams on Instagram has backfired and now Melvin doesn’t have many options left.

Melvin Gordon in Fantasy Football Rankings

NFL Melvin Gordon Ezekiel Elliot Deal Fantasy Football Impact

Melvin Gordon has been the top picks in most of football fantasy drafts and it is going to get much complicated from now on. If Gordon and Chargers work out a deal soon and he is present in the Week 1 game, things could still go worse. Ekeler and Jackson will manage much of the load as Melvin is coming after an injury.

Most of the numbers will be missed out and hence his fantasy rankings can fall easily. The best scenario is Gordon coming out health and with full rest in the second month where he can lead the team and score the highest points. Anything late than October means Gordon will have to tack the back end position which can again be troublesome for the fantasy football owners.

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