NFL: Melvin Gordon Deal With Philadelphia Eagles Confirmed?

    NFL Trade Melvin Gordon Deal Philadelphia Eagles

    Melvin Gordon is currently on the holdout from the team of Los Angeles Chargers and things are getting interesting. The 26-year-old running back is asking for more money while the Chargers are in no mood to do that. NFL 2019 season is about to start and the two sides can’t seem to settle on a deal. The Chargers will only negotiate for another deal once the regular season is over and before that there will be no trade talks.

    Gordon is asking for more money while the Los Angeles team wants him to play only for the $5 million he is owed for this year. It is the reason why Melvin Gordon is looking to move out and the recent rumors suggest that he is in talks with the Philadelphia Eagles for a deal. Melvin started to follow the Eagles on Instagram and it suggests that a deal might be made soon.

    Gordon is following Eagles on Instagram

    Gordon Eagles deal rumors

    Gordon is arguably one of the best running back and he deserves better than a small contract that Chargers have offered him. There are so many teams that have been linked with Gordon since the past few days and Philadelphia Eagles might be the final destination. The Chargers have allowed Gordon and his representatives to negotiate with other teams and find a better deal for him if they can.

    The Eagles seem to be a much better fit for Gordon and the deal can one of the best in NFL this year. Gordon can make the already loaded Eagles offensive side as one of the best in the league. Carson Wentz is their main quarterback and a running back like Gordon can take his game to the next level. While the Instagram activity might not be an actual confirmation, the Eagles have reasons to call the Chargers and ask for a Gordon trade deal.

    Melvin Gordon is Open for Trade

    Gordon deal with Other Teams

    While many of the experts have suggested that Gordon following Eagles on Instagram is just a threat to the Chargers, there is no solid development on the deal. Melvin Gordon also started to follow Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, and Atlanta Falcons and thus the whole thing has gotten more complicated.

    Gordon is trying his best to make everyone aware that he is up for a deal and they just need to make him an offer. Los Angeles Chargers are already a loaded team and they won’t miss Gordon much in the next NFL season. With the Week 1 of NFL regular season on the brink, there will be a development on the while Gordon deal soon.


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