NFL Chargers Melvin Gordon Trade Deal

Los Angeles Chargers can’t decide what to do next with their running back Melvin Gordon. NFL preseason games are about to end and the regular season will start, which means new deals will be made. Every team in the NFL is trying to strengthen their roster before the market blows up.

Gordon is one of those names who despite being in huge demand by other teams might not get traded at all. Chargers knows that running back in NFL can be replaced easily and yet they are not ready to lose Melvin from their roster. Here is how the Melvin Gordon trade deal with Chargers is getting complicated with time.

Contract Issues with Gordon

NFL Chargers Deals for Gordon

As per the latest reports, Los Angeles Chargers has been in touch with Gordon, and yet there is no progress on any kind of deal. Chargers have told Melvin that he is an important part of their team and they would like to continue him playing for them. Gordon is currently on the holdout and waiting for the Los Angeles team to offer him a new contract.

On the other hand, the Chargers are not allowing Gordon to make a deal with other teams and it has complicated the whole situation. Both the sides are at a standoff for new contracts and Gordon might miss out a few games to get what he wants.

Teams Ready for Gordon

NFL Chargers Melvin Gordon Trade Deal Issues

Most of the NFL teams would sign Melvin Gordon in a heartbeat as he is considered one of the best running backs of the present time. Gordon is asking for $10 million annually, and the Chargers might not agree to it.

Teams such as Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars and Green Bay Packers are rumored to offer Gordon a deal. The 26-year-old player knows that he can get a much better deal from any of the teams. It is why the stiff between Chargers and Gordon is not ending until one of them gives up.