Melvin Gordon has been asking the Los Angeles Chargers for an extension and they are not responding. It has made Gordon angry and he has announced his departure from the Chargers team. Gordon is a two times Pro Bowler who has spent his first four years with the Chargers.

In the last NFL season, Gordon added 1,350 yards and 10 touchdowns on 149 receptions While teams such as Houston Texans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the potential destination for Melvin, there are some other names in the list too. Here are the possible trade deals of Gordon with Jacksonville Jaguars and Green Bay Packers.

Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL Trade deal Melvin deal Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars picked up Leonard Fournette in the NFL 2017 draft for the fourth pick but he had performed very badly. He missed 11 games in his first two seasons due to various injuries and suspension from fights. It is the reason why the Jaguars can release him in the offseason despite being on a contract guarantee.

Melvin Gordon could be the missing piece of the puzzle that the Jaguars need to complete their offense. Nick Foles despite his huge salary has not been much help for the Jags and they need someone reliable like Gordon. The Jaguars can build a strong foundation on Gordon as he can boost up their defense and offense both.

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Green Bay Packers

NFL Trade deal Melvin deal  Green Bay Packers

Gordon is Kenosha native and Green Bay Packers would be the perfect team if he wants to go home. The Packers are lacking in the department of line-backs and could use someone like Gordon. Ryan Grant, Eddie Lacy, Ty Montgomery, James Starks, and Jamaal Williams have failed the Packers as players.

Even their latest addition Aaron Jones is doing average numbers with 5.5 yards and 133 carries in the last season. Gordon has been achieving more than 1000 yards in the past three seasons and barely the Packers runners can do that. Gordon is young and talented, would fit perfectly in the Green Bay Packers team.