Melvin Gordon Replaced by Austin Ekeler

Melvin Gordon missed the first game of Week 1 with Los Angeles Chargers and miss the entire 2019 regular NFL season. Gordon was sitting on a holdout since the preseason games as he wanted a new contract extension. While the Charges were ready to offer him $10 million per year, the running back wanted more. Gordon asked the Chargers for the $13-$15 million range of Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley and Le’Veon Bell.

While all these are elite class RBs, Gordon comes nowhere in the race. Hence the Chargers refused his request and entered the opening game against Indianapolis Colts without Gordon. The backup running back Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson did an amazing job and Charges won the game at 30-24. It looks like they are now fully confident in Ekeler and he will replace Gordon for the rest of NFL 2019 season.

Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson

Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson

Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson combined rushed for 115 yards and sealed the opening victory for the Chargers. Ekeler alone made two receiving touchdowns and it was enough for him to prove his value to the team. The Colts were missing Andrew Luck as Jacoby Brissett couldn’t handle the pressure and was constantly getting attacked by the Chargers defensive side.

While Ekeler and Jackson were always an important part of the Chargers offensive side, now they get to take the leading role. LA Chargers are confident in the duo and it’s for them to move on from Melvin Gordon.

Chargers are Ready to Move Out Gordon

Gordon to be moved out

The Chargers are playing tough with Melvin Gordon and has left him with very fewer options. Gordon has been told to sit the rest of regular season out or join back the team at its initial rookie contract salary of $5.6 million. The biggest fallout between Gordon and Chargers happened when the star player started to follow other teams on Instagram.

Los Angeles side didn’t like the move at all and ended all the trade negotiations with him. The Chargers want a first and fifth-round pick which any NFL team would hardly agree for. Gordon can’t do much as could lose his entire salary if he doesn’t report back to the team by Week 10 deadline.