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NFL: Melvin Gordon Leaving Los Angeles Chargers for the 2019 NFL Season?

Melvin Gordon Los Angeles Chargers 2019 NFL Season

Melvin Gordon will not play in the opening game of Los Angeles and most likely miss the entire NFL 2019 season. The 26-year-old running back has been sitting on a holdout and has not reported in the training camp or preseason games.

The latest reports suggest that Gordon will not be present even in the Week 1 games and have requested for a trade out from the Los Angeles team. Gordon is asking for a new deal and if that is not provided he will not return to play in the Chargers. There is no way the Chargers are paying Melvin any more money and he has also hinted to leave the team for 2019 NFL season.

Gordon and Chargers have Issues

Chargers Issue with Gordon

There seems to be no type of progress between Gordon and the Chargers side and the two parties now can’t stand each other. Gordon wants his salary to be increased and wants to come in the league of the highest-paid running backs. Ezekiel Elliot, Todd Gurley and Le’Veon Bell are getting paid in the range of $13-$15 million and Gordon wants a similar deal.

The Chargers were ready to offer him $10 million per season but the hot-headed star has declined the offer. It made them so angry that LA Chargers side has ended all contract talks with Gordon and he can find a new deal for himself. Even the $10 million offer is taken back and things are not right between the two sides.

Gordon giving out Hints

Gordon giving Hints

Gordon has made up his mind and is trying to contact other teams so that they can offer him a new deal. He started following a few teams on Instagram and it led to the Chargers getting angrier and ending all trade negotiation with him. The only problem is that Gordon needs to hurry if he wants a new deal.

He could lose his second year’s money in case he doesn’t report by the end of the season. Although, Melvin has made it pretty clear that he won’t be going back to the Chargers. Gordon hinted on Twitter while replying to a fan that he’s pissed he will never wear a Chargers jersey anymore.

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