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NFL Rumors: Melvin Gordon’s Threat to Leave LA Chargers Has Backfired

NFL Rumors Melvin Gordon LA Chargers

Melvin Gordon was trying to act smart by following other NFL teams on Instagram and hinting to move out of the Los Angeles Chargers. While Philadelphia Eagles and the other teams have not taken it seriously, the Chargers have put the matter on high priority. The dispute between Gordon and Chargers side was already and now things have gotten worse.

It seems that the Los Angeles officials have lost it and suspended every contract negotiation with Gordon. Chargers manager Tom Telesco have put Melvin on the Reserve/Did Not Report list and he won’t be offered any raise over his initial deal. Gordon was threatening to leave the Chargers side but the whole stint backfired and he is now left with limited options.

Chargers won’t offer anything to Gordon

Tom Telesco on Melvin Gordon

Chargers general manager Tom Telesco opened to the reporter on a conference call during Sunday afternoon and broke the news to them. In his statement, Telesco explained the situation in brief and made their stand on the whole Gordon deal issue. Tom also focused on the fact that he loves Gordon as a person and player.

But there is a lot of business involved and one can’t get carried away for personal feelings. Gordon was having the $5.6 million of his rookie deal to which he asked for a raise in the range of $12-$13 million. While the Chargers were ready to offer him around $10 million per year, now it has been taken off the table.

Limited Options for Gordon

New Deals for Gordon

Gordon never thought that things could turn out in such a way as he already had a good deal on the way. The representatives of Gordon stopped him from reporting to work and the Chargers side was not happy about the whole thing. Melvin doesn’t have many options left as it is still one more season left before he could become a free agent.

There are a few teams interested in Gordon but the ultimate decision lies in the hands of Chargers. The only leverage Gordon have is not playing in the NFL season which can put the Chargers offense on risk without their leading running back on the court.

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