Los Angeles Chargers have tried their best to convince Melvin Gordon for trade but nothing seems to be working out. The Chargers have finally given up their hopes and are now looking for a trade partner for the star running back. The trade negotiations between the two parties lasted for a week after which the Chargers have finally decided to move him out by a trade deal.

Gordon has been now sent to the market and the Chargers are looking for high returns in exchange. LA Chargers wants one first-round pick and a fifth-round pick which in return and won’t accept anything below that. Also, given the last few RB deals like Ezekiel Elliot, Chargers won’t find any deals for Gordon as their asking price is too high.

Elliot Deal has Inspired Others

Elliot Deal Inspring Others

The Chargers asking for a high price is valid but they have overestimated the numbers for Melvin Gordon. Ever since Elliot and Gordon were sitting on holdout, fans started to compare them with each other. While Elliot has rushed for 4,048 yards and made 34 touchdowns, Gordon has 3,628 yards and 28 touchdowns in fewer games compared to him.

It was obvious for the Cowboys to offer Zeke the biggest deal as their future depends on him. The Chargers have no such urgency and they can afford to proceed in the 2019 NFL season without Gordon on their roster.

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Chargers have the Final Decision

Chargers final decision

The Chargers are playing smart here as they still hold the right to Melvin Gordon for the next two years. There are a lot of options for the team and asking for a high price could be one of them. If none of the NFL teams agrees to the price, it would mean there will be no deals for Melvin Gordon.

The running back has to return on the field or risk out missing the next season too. Gordon can walk out as a free agent in 2020 and the Chargers won’t even have to worry about finding a trade partner.

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