NFL Jay Gruden joining Raiders confirmed

Jay Gruden might soon join the Oakland Raiders, or at least that’s what the latest rumour around the NFL block says.

The Washington Redskins are the worst-performing team in NFL 2019 season and the Week 4 Sunday game made it clear. Giants vs Redskins was supposed to be an evenly matched game, but the Giants lead by Daniel Jones thrashed the Redskins at 23-3 score.

While one can blame the poor offense and defense of the Washington side, the heat is currently surrounding their head coach Jay Gruden. It was obvious that the Redskins at one point would think about firing Gruden given how he had problems with Adrian Peterson and Dwayne Haskins. It is also rumored that Jay Gruden can join the team of Oakland Raiders which is currently under his brother Jon Gruden.

Redskins can Fire Jay Gruden for Poor Performance

Redskins can Fire Jay Gruden

The Redskins are currently 0-4 for the NFL 2019 season and they have not even faced the top teams. Jay Gruden has been an ineffective and even he has a contract, the Redskins top brass won’t mind breaking the same. While there are many other factors to consider, Gruden will always remain a point of conflict.

Trent Williams, the main offensive tackle of the Washington team is sitting on a holdout and is refusing to join the team. Without him, the Redskins have the worst offensive line and even their defense is pretty useless. Dwyane Haskins is no upgrade over Case Keenum and the team is already a lost cause. Jay Gruden has a poor record of 35-48-1 and the team owner Daniel Snyder is planning to break the contract and fire the coach.

Jay Gruden joining Brother Jon Gruden in the Raiders

Jay Gruden joining Brother Jon Gruden in Raiders

The Oakland Raiders on the other side has recovered well enough and now are at 2-2 for the NFL 2019 season. In the Week 4 game, the Raiders even managed to beat the Colts by 24-31 and they are now on the right path. Jon Gruden, the head coach of Raiders could easily use a helping hand and support after the drama surrounding Antonio Brown.

The Raiders needs as much help as it can get and Jay Gruden will be a good choice as the two brothers can surely improve the team for the rest of 2019 season.