NFL Redskins Coach Jay Gruden RB Adrian Peterson

Washington Redskins lost another match last night and the team management is now getting strict on the players. The Redskins coach Jay Gruden was never happy with the veteran running back Adrian Peterson in the first place. Now with their recent loss against the Chicago Bears, Gruden has got another chance to blame Peterson and replace him with someone else.

It is not like they are being biased with Peterson, but the legendary running back has gotten old and can’t play NFL anymore. Gruden has also problems with the north-south running strategy of Peterson and he might be removed from the Redskins roster in the Week 4 game against the Giants.

Adrian Peterson is Not Performing

Adrian Peterson is Not Performing

Adrian Peterson is 34 years old and NFL running back are hardly able to function after their thirties. The Redskins were stuck with Peterson when their young RB Derrius Guice was injured in the season opener against the Eagles.

The team has gone downhill ever since Peterson has joined them as he just had 25 yards – 1 touchdown in Week 2 game and just 37 yards in the Week 3 game. The running back is having his worst tenure and it is tanking the season for the Redskins too. Jay Gruden is just waiting for Guice to recover so that he can replace Peterson for the rest of 2019 NFL season.

Redskins are Under a lot of Pressure

Redskins are losing games

Washington Redskins are currently lagging 0-3 in the NFL season and they have a lot of tough games still remaining. While most of the other teams have opened their scoreboard, the Redskins remains the at the bottom table without a single victory.

Adrian Peterson is not helping the Washington offense at all and it is better to trade him in a team which can use the RB. Jay Gruden has made it clear that he is working hard to get the Redskins back on track and it would be better if Peterson finishes his career with some dignity and good numbers.