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NFL Rumors: Jadeveon Clowney Trade Deal with Eagles, Seahawks or Dolphins is Confirmed

NFL Jadeveon Clowney Trade Deal Eagles Seahawks Dolphins

Jadeveon Clowney has made up his mind of not returning to the Houston Texans team and the drama continues. The three-time Pro Bowler wants to move to a better team which tops the NFC charts. The 26-year-old linebacker has not signed the contract extension and is also missing training camp sessions with the Texans.

Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks are two of the contenders team which might have an interest in Clowney. The latest reports suggest that Clowney also met with Miami Dolphins for the discussion of a potential trade deal. It means that Clowney is leaving the Texans and deals with Eagles, Seahawks or Dolphins is confirmed.

Leaving Houston Texans for Sure

NFL Jadeveon Clowney Trade Deal Leaving Houston Texans

Houston Texans are trying their best to convince Clowney to stay but nothing of that sort is working. Jadeveon missed his entire training camp and practice session with the Houston team. The linebacker has even not signed the $15.97 million franchise tag which is necessary to be traded out of the team.

Clowney is no way staying with the Texans team as he fired his agent, Bus Cook for not handling the deal negotiations properly. Texans coach Bill O’Brien has also said that they have no idea whether Jadeveon will be back in the team or not. If Clowney doesn’t report to the Houston camp by the end of this week, he can’t play in the Week 1 of NFL 2019 regular season games.

Deals with Eagles, Seahawks or Dolphins

NFL Jadeveon Clowney Trade Deal Eagles Seahawks or Dolphins

Seattle Seahawks could be the next trade destination for Clowney as they have chances of making it to the playoffs and also need a new player. The Seahawks traded their leader Frank Clark to the Kansas City Chiefs. Philadelphia Eagles could also be one of the options but they already have so many players in defensive side.

Miami Dolphins are the most plausible names as Jadeveon Clowney had an in-person meeting with their coach Brian Flores and other top officials. The Dolphins are sort of rebuilding their team and Clowney could be the perfect edge rusher for them.

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