NFL Trade Jadeveon Clowney deals Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots

Jadeveon Clowney has become the biggest problem for the Houston Texans as they are having a hard time finding a trade deal for him. The fact that Texans were never happy with Clowney in the first place has to do a lot in the whole issue. While Clowney plays at the defensive line, the Texans have tagged him as a linebacker.

The Texans tried making trade deals with Dolphins and Redskins, but none of them wants Clowney. There is a new ray of hope for both Jadeveon and the Houston side as two new teams are interested in a deal. Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots who are kind of arch enemies in NFL might be interested in a Clowney trade deal.

Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Trade Rumors Philadelphia Eagles

Despite being in two other leagues, Eagles and Patriots have always been the biggest rivals in NFL history. During the last 15 Super Bowl, they have faced each other in two games. Philadelphia Eagles could be the one to sign Clowney as they have $20 million in their cap space.

Since the rookie Andre Dillard who was picked up in the first-round draft pick has been doing great, they can afford to move out some players. Jason Peters is a nine-time Pro Bowler, but at the same time, he is 37 years old. Hence the Eagles might give it a thought, even though there is no need to give an extra edge to deal for Jadeveon Clowney

New England Patriots

NFL Trade Rumors New England Patriots

New England Patriots might step in if the Eagles can’t make the necessary arrangements. Even though the Texans are having a hard time finding a trade partner, the Patriots can sign him just to piss off the Eagles. Houston and New England have a very great relationship with each other as the owners and coaches are good friends with each other.

As for the matter of salary cap space, the Patriots can move out one or two players necessary to make the deal. Since the last Super Bowl champions lost their defensive end Flowers, they can replace him with Clowney before the NFL 2019 season starts.