NFL Rumors: Texans Deals for Jadeveon Clowney With Dolphins and Redskins is Almost Impossible

    NFL trade deal Jadeveon Clowney Dolphins Redskins

    Houston Texans are trying to trade out Jadeveon Clowney and it is getting harder by the day. The Oakland Raiders traded Khalil Mack at the start of last NFL season and it seems the same can repeat again with Texans. Clowney is a Pro Bowl pass rusher who despite being a good player is not behaving properly in the team.

    Clowney has not reported at the training camp and further refused to sign the franchise tag with the Houston team. The franchise tag would have paid Clowney $15.967 for the NFL 2019 season. Despite reports of Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins signing Clowney, the deal is almost impossible.

    Dolphins and Redskins Deal Issue

    Redskins and Dolphins Issue

    The main reason why the Texans can’t easily trade out Jadeveon is that no team would offer him a long term contract before the end of the current season. Further, Clowney himself can refuse for a deal by not signing the new tender with the potential trade partner of Houston Texans.

    It was earlier reported that Miami Dolphins were interested in Clowney, but now all such reports are proven to be a total hoax. There were also rumors saying that Washington Redskins can exchange Clowney from Texans with Trent Williams, but even that looks almost impossible. Williams is also not reporting to the training camp and the Redskins might not trade him at the end.

    Texans and Clowney Problems

    Texans and Clowney

    Jadeveon Clowney is a big name for the Texans and helped them to win the last 3 out of the 4 AFC South titles. The 26-year-old linebacker had nine sacks and 47 tackles last season for the Texans. He also made his third straight Pro Bowl as the Texans went for a record 11-5 and finished in the first place.

    Clowney can be one of the best pass rushers for Texans and can also support J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus to do the same. Still, Deshaun Watson has been making more sacks than Clowney and their offense is weak due to him. It is why the Texans will try their best to trade out Clowney before the NFL 2010 season starts.


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