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NFL: Houston Texans Struggling to Find a Trade Deal for Jadeveon Clowney

Deals for Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney and Houston Texans are having some sort of differences and is very apparent. It is evident as Clowney did not report at the Houston training camp, despite being tagged as franchise member for the NFL offseason. Further, the Texans need a left tackle to protect their quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Clowney is not doing a good job as the 23-year-old was sacked 62 times last season, which is highest for any NFL quarterback. The Texans have tried other options and got no success, which means they will trade out Jadeveon before the regular season starts. But the Houston Texans are having a tough time and struggling to find a trade deal for Clowney.

Texans with Clowney are Trouble

NFL Houston Texans Deals for Clowney

Houston Texans were not fond of the Clowney deal, and it was apparent from the beginning. First, they fired general manager Brian Gaine after the NFL 2019 draft lottery ended. It has made things so worse that they are now looking at the market for a replacement tackle player.

To make things worse, the Texans tagged Clowney as a linebacker where he plays at the defensive end. The point is Houston wants to get rid of Clowney and are looking at possible deals for him. It will be hard to find a team willing to pay for an NFL player who is indirectly fired from his team.

Possible Trade Deals for Jadeveon Clowney

Trouble with NFL Houston Texans

The primary reason why the Houston Texans changed the playing position of Jadeveon Clowney is to save money. Clowney and his agent are not happy with that and will file a grievance on his behalf for the designation. It simply means that Clowney will be moved out of Houston soon and he needs to look at his other options.

The Texans are also reported to trade for Trent Williams from Washington Redskins, and Clowney can be given in exchange for a deal to happen. In case the deal doesn’t work out, Clowney will report to the Texans after the third preseason game.

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