NFL Trade Rumors Trent Williams deals

Trent Williams is no doubt one of the best all-around left tackle player in the game of NFL. Although he was injured many times and have only played two full seasons in his nine-year career, he dominates the filed whenever he plays. It is the same reason why Williams wants to move out from the Washington Redskins and join some other NFL team.

There are a lot of teams interested in the 31-year-old NFL star and he is also listening to their offers. Here are the possible Trent Williams trade deals with Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Bengals.

Houston Texans

NFL Trade Rumors Trent Williams deals Houston Texans

Houston Texas is the team are in dire need for an offensive player like Trent Williams. The Texans could improve their entire offseason game by trading in Williams in a new deal. Williams is a very valuable asset and even the first-round draft pick stands no chance against him. Tytus Howard, the top pick of Texans from the latest draft lottery has been working as a left guard in the training camp. If Williams joins him, the duo together can improve the entire stats of Houston team.

Cleveland Browns

NFL Trade Rumors Trent Williams deals Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns tried their best to hold in on Gerald McCoy and Mike Daniels in the free agency and yet they left. It seems like both the NFL stars wants some kind of revenge on Browns and doing their best for that. In such a situation, the Browns needs someone like Trent Williams who could boost their offensive side. Williams for the team of Cleveland is a much better choice compared to Greg Robinson.

Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Trade Rumors Trent Williams deals Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals need a major revamp after losing the last NFL season very badly. Clint Boling has retired and the rookie Jonah Williams has been injured and thus their offensive line is shattered. Trent Williams is a perfect candidate that could solidify their offense and help them in making a strong comeback. The Bengals fans need something to cheer up and Williams is a perfect deal for them.