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Cleveland Browns not only lost badly to the Tennessee Titans in their season opener but their franchise quarterback Baker Mayfield was also injured. The Browns need a strong offensive tackle who could protect Mayfield and let the Browns score some points.

Luckily, Trent Williams is sitting on a holdout from the Washington Redskins and waiting for other teams to offer him a deal. It will be a perfect fit for both sides as they need each other right now. The Browns could work out some sort of trade with the Redskins and sign Trent Williams in their team for the rest of NFL 2019 season.

Browns needs Offensive Tackle to Protect Mayfield

Cleveland Browns needs offensive tackle

Titans vs Cleveland Browns was a wake-up call for the Browns to make some improvements in their roster. Everyone has been making fun of Baker Mayfield that how useless he was, while for the most part he was injured and couldn’t perform at his full potential. The Titans defensive side were attacking Mayfield so much and the offensive tackles of Browns couldn’t even reach to him.

Mayfield went though an X-ray after the game and there was only a small fracture in his hand which will soon get better. But it doesn’t mean that Cleveland Browns let it repeat in the next game against New York Jets and others after that. Trent Williams is the best option right now and they need an offensive tackle urgently.

Washington Redskins on Trent Williams Deal

Redskins not keen on having Trent Williams Back

Washington Redskins will not let Trent Williams go easily but trading him out makes so much sense. Eagles vs Redskins went so unexpected where the Redskins were leading the points table for the first half of the game. The Redskins did great in the game and didn’t miss Williams at all during the whole match against Philadelphia Eagles.

Trent Williams will turn 32 years old in 2020 and is currently eating $13 million of their salary. The Redskins could trade Williams to the Browns who need an offensive tackle and use the return to get some build up some future talents in their roster.