Cleveland Browns lost to the Tennessee Titans in the Week 1 opening game by a big difference of 43-13. Baker Mayfield, the star quarterback took a beating and had a fractured hand at the end of the game. The Browns seriously needs a new offensive tackle to save Mayfield and get back in form. NFL 2019 season might not go as planned but the next year can be better. Here are the offensive tackles, the Browns should sign in 2020 NFL draft.

Tristan Wirfs

NFL 2020 Draft Cleveland Brown Deals Tristan Wirfs

Tristan Wirfs from the University of Iowa is one of the best pass blockers in the NFL drafts. He is 6’5″ and 320 pounds, while yet to celebrate his 21st birthday. Wirfs is one of the best tackles in college pro football and has a lot of experience too. He has also gotten an All-10 honorable mention and the Cleveland Browns should definitely sigh him over Chris Hubbard.

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Marc Morehouse
Near-death experience for No. 2. Watch how Tristan Wirfs blocks run and then peels out. This could’ve been a snuff tweet.

Andrew Thomas

NFL 2020 Draft Cleveland Brown Deals Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas is a great offensive lineman in the current year’s class tackles from the University of Georgia. He’s also listed at 6’5″ and 320 pounds and has much better athletism compared to others. Cleveland Browns should use him to save Baker Mayfield and their teams future in NFL. The list of achievements for Thomas includes All-American first team, the AP All-American second team, and the All-SEC coaches the first team.

Lucas Niang

NFL 2020 Draft Cleveland Brown Deals Lucas Niang

Lucas Niang is enough to intimidate anyone physically at 6’7″ and 330 pounds. He’s been playing since his freshman years with a lot of game-opening experience. Niang has exceptional pass blocking skill and he himself is a great physical asset The Browns really need someone like Niang to protect their franchise quarterback Mayfield from any kind of injuries.

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Paul Alexander
Lucas Niang (TCU) creating extension space on his pass set. This drill begins with Lucas setting to his spot first. I like the “S Curve” position in his body with his tail up, knees bent and back/chest arched. This kid is a terrific player and a top draft prospect in 2020

Trey Smith

NFL 2020 Draft Cleveland Brown Deals Trey Smith

Trey Smith from Tennessee is a well-built athletic tackle at 6’6″ and 325 pounds. Even though he was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs, he made a speedy recovery and powerful comeback to football. If Smith clears his medical tests, Cleveland Browns can pick him up late in the third round as a backup offensive tackle.