NFL Washington Redskins Coach Trent Williams

Trent Williams is another of those players who are not happy with their teams and are sitting on a holdout. Washington Redskins are trying their best to get Williams back in the training camp but it is not working. Williams is on the path of Ezekiel Elliot and wants the best contract possible from their teams.

Jay Gruden, the head coach of Redskins had not lost hopes and believes that Williams will soon be back in the team. In case, Trent doesn’t agree for a deal, Washington has to trade him out and there are other NFL teams waiting for that. Patriots, Eagles, and Dolphins are lined up for Williams and waiting for him to be traded out. But Gruden is confident is Williams and his team and says he will be back soon in the Redskins team.

Injury Issues of Williams

Williams Injury Issue

Trent Williams has every right to get angry as the Washington Redskins never took care of him in the first place. The 31-year-old left tackle had a usual condition where there was a growth in his head. It was removed by the surgery and Williams is fine now but he is upset over the fact that they didn’t take care of it sooner.

The Redskins were focused so much on using Williams that they risked his injuries rather than dropping him in the last NFL season. Now that Williams is totally healthy, it would be interesting to see whether he goes back to the team or not.

Redskins needs Trent Williams

Redskins needs Williams

Washington Redskins are already at the bottom of the NFL table and leaving out Williams could add to their trouble. The team needs him and they will try everything they can on the matter. The Redskins were fully confident that Williams will show in the training camp of the team but nothing of that sort happened.

The next plan of the Washington team is to raise his contract money so that Trent is back before the 2019 NFL season starts. Williams is the best players in the Redskins team and they are not going to give up on him so easily.