Antonio Brown drama is now taking more twists and turns than a Christopher Nolan movie. Oakland Raiders can’t seem to rest for a single day without something new from Brown. While everyone was thinking the star wide receiver is going crazy or throwing tantrums, things have now taken an entirely different turn.

Antonio recently posted a video on his YouTube channel where he shared his telephonic conversation with his coach Jon Gruden. It portrays the whole Brown and Raiders dispute in a different light and shows there is another side of the story too. Everyone is so busy in blaming Brown that no one thought the Raiders could also have been a villain.

Other Side of the Story

NFL Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders Side of the Story

It seems that Oakland Raiders were not very happy Antonio Brown and might have been mistreating him. Brown is the new guy in the team and everyone is kind of ragging him. He’s the odd man out, Oakland has been making fun of him. Even the Steelers treated him very badly and he left the team as he couldn’t handle it anymore. The same thing has been going on at the Raiders too as they are exploiting him badly.

Brown has been training hard, showing on the ground daily and yet he was fined over $50 k for missing a single session. When Brown had issues with his helmet, Raiders GM Mike Mayock warned him to leave team instead of supporting him. The Raiders and Brown saga might be dramatic but there’s also a lot of emotions involved in it.

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Video Message from Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Video Messgae

Antonio Brown posted a 2 minutes video on YouTube channel with perfect editing, special effects, and background music. It was kind of a montage showing Brown training hard on the ground even in the dark. He was also holding his son and it was focused he’s missing him to play for the Raiders. Jon Gruden was saying to him “Do you want to be a Raider or not?” to which he replied, “Do you want me to be a Raider?”

Brown also said that he’s been training the whole time, giving his hundred percent to the team and yet they behave so badly with him. While some people are saying it’s just another tantrum with an edited conversation to make Brown look like the victim, some of them have changed their stance on the whole issue. The Raiders are treating Brown badly and he might have been accused wrongly for everything.