NFL Antonio Brown Deals Lawsuit Steelers Raiders Patriots

Antonio Brown may have been released by the Patriots but it doesn’t stop him from playing in the next NFL games. It is important to note here that Brown is still eligible as a free agent to get trade deals from all the NFL teams. Although, Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots had their share of Antonio Brown and would most likely stay away from him.

Meanwhile, Drew Rosenhaus who is the agent of Brown has said a few teams have expressed their interests in the wide receiver. He also added that the NFL teams have asked about the legal status of Antonio Brown’s lawsuit and he will most likely be offered a deal after NFL clears him totally.

NFL Teams not Taking Risk on Antonio Brown

NFL Antonio Brown Deals Lawsuit teams are not ready to take risk on Antonio Brown

NFL teams have seen the things that have happened in the past few days and learned their lesson on dealing with Antonio Brown. Oakland Raiders had enough of Brown where he had helmet issues, frostbites and was even about to punch Mike Mayock. It is when they decided to release without even playing a single game with Brown.

The Patriots signed him a day after and even played the Week 2 game with him against the Miami Dolphins. But after that Brown was accused of another sexual assault lawsuit and it was enough for the Patriots too. It is why none of the NFL team can risk signing Antonio Brown before he is cleared out of every legal trouble.

Waiting for NFL Investigation to Get Over

NFL Investigation on Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown and New England Patriots were doing great together and it was unfortunate to let him go. Brown and Tom Brady had a great pairing and he was catching perfect passes from the star quarterback. But the real reason why the Patriots decided to remove Brown was him sending threatening texts to the second woman who accuses him.

Antonio Brown allegedly accused the woman of extorting money out of him and called her broke. Robert Kraft, the owner of New England Patriots after noticing about this and took the decision to release Brown out of their team. It simply means Antonio Brown have to wait a bit more before he is offered a deal and that will only happen after the NFL closes the investigation.