NFL Antonio Brown New England Patriots deal

Antonio Brown is now been released by the New England Patriots amid so much of drama and controversies. The sexual assault lawsuit filed against Brown was too harmful to the goodwill of the Patriots and hence they decided to part ways with him. It doesn’t mean that Antonio Brown won’t play on NFL 2019 Week Sunday games.

There is still a day in which one of the NFL teams can offer Brown a new contract and he would be a part of their roster. NFL has made it clear that Brown is a free agent and hence totally eligible to be signed by any of the clubs and play football on Sunday. There are a few rumors which link the name of Seattle Seahawks with Antonio Brown as they could offer him a new deal.

Antonio Brown is a Free Agent and Ready for New Deals

Antonio Brown is still a Free Agent

NFL has not suspended Antonio Brown and he is currently a free agent which can be signed by any of the teams. The Patriots releasing Brown was a decision they took by themselves and Brown has still not broken any of the NFL laws.

It has clearly been stated that Brown is eligible to play in NFL for the 2019 season unless the investigations prove him guilty. Even if Antonio Brown is proved to be guilty, the lawsuit is filed for a civil case and not a criminal one. It simply means Brown is free to play in Week 3 and his agent has revealed that several of the NFL teams are in talks to offer him a new deal.

Seattle Seahawks can Finally sign Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown deal with Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks could finally be getting their chance to sign Antonio Brown in their roster after so much of waiting. When the Steelers traded him to the Raiders, the Seahawks tried their best to get Brown. Even when Brown was released by the Oakland Raiders, the Seahawks made a bid for the No. 1 wide receiver.

But Brown had already made up his mind about joining the Patriots and looking at how it didn’t work out, he might be considered joining the Seahawks finally. Antonio Brown doesn’t have many choices left and given his dramas, hardly any team wants him. At the same, he’s the best WR in the league right now and the Seattle Seahawks might be willing to take a risk for him.