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Oakland Raiders are losing their patience over Antonio Brown and has given him the final warning. Brown was skipping practice sessions with the Raiders team over NFL banning his older helmet. While the minor issue got elevated to a much higher level after Brown filed two grievances in court, the Raiders was having a bad press in media.

It is why Mike Mayock, the manager of Raiders cam forward and warned Brown to either get in or get out. It seems that the threat warning has shown the effect as Antonio was seen back on the ground at Monday training sessions. The Raiders warned Brown to cut his salary and they had no other options left.

Brown is back for Practice

Back for Practice

Antonio Brown showed up on the field after so much of drama over his banned helmet issue. Jon Gruden (coach of Raiders) and Mike Mayock had enough of Brown’s tantrums and they gave him a final ultimatum. Brown also attended the team meetings at the Raiders facility.

The walk-through practice was canceled due to bad weather, but Brown was present with the team. It indicates that the Raider had hit the correct nerve by taking the right steps. Brown was never serious about his retirement and now it is apparent as his bluff has been called out.

Warnings of Salary Cut

Salary Cut for Brown

The Raiders knows where to hit Brown and it is none other than his Wallet. As per the NFL rules, the Oakland team can refuse to pay Brown if he doesn’t show up to the practice games. The Raiders are not in any mood to cut off his salary money but they have no other options left. Brown is making the helmet issue too big and it has been creating troubles for the team.

The Raiders will give Antonio a five-day warning and after that, the salary will be taken back if he is not on the field. Brown has to give back the Raiders his $1 million signing bonus along with guaranteed salaries of $14.625 million in 2019 and $14.5 million in 2020.