NFL Antonio Brown Retirement Helmet

Antonio Brown was rumored to leave the Oakland Raiders team and retire from NFL over a ban on his helmet. While the whole issues sound funny, it was very serious for the Raiders. NFL safety committees have banned several helmet models over player safety concerns. Most of the NFL players replaced their older helmet but Brown threatened to quit football over his favorite helmet.

Along with that, his foot injury in the form of frostbite was also an indication that he is not serious about his NFL career. It seems that the whole thing was nothing but a bluff and part of the HBO Hard Knocks drama. Here is what Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus has to say on the whole retirement status and helmet issue.

Antonio Brown’s Retirement Status

Antonio Brown Retirement Status

Antonio Brown thought he would try his best to convince everyone for using his older helmet. He even went to the court and tried to fight a legal battle, but there was no victory there. It is not like Brown would retire rather than playing with a different helmet. The fact is Brown was just bluffing and was never serious about his retirement.

It is why Antonio opted to rejoin the Oakland Raiders as soon as NFL ruled out any possibility in his favor. Drew Rosenhaus, the agent of Antonio Brown is also in a way covering for the image of his client. Most of the sports outlets have started making fun of Brown for the whole issue and it seems like a smart move to repair the damage.

Drama for HBO Hard Knocks

Future of Brown

Antonio Brown has lost his mind, he is going insane, he has CTE, etc. are in the news these days. People seem to forget that it is just a drama for the cameras and the news outlets. HBO is currently covering the team of Oakland Raiders for their NFL documentary series, Hard Knocks.

It is the main reason why Brown and Raiders have been surrounded by so much drama in the past few days. Brown is one of the best wide receivers in NFL and there is no way he would leave football over a helmet. He is not leaving the Raiders or retiring anytime soon, all this is just a stint to stay in the limelight.