Antonio Brown seems to bring more and more trouble for the Oakland Raiders since its arrival in the team. First, he made a controversial statement against his previous team and then he got a mysterious foot injury from the frostbite. The latest issue is over a banned helmet which has made Brown lose his mind. NFL safety committees have banned several helmets for not being safe enough for players.

Apparently, Brown is ready to quit football, but can’t change his favorite helmet. The whole issue sounds very stupid, to be honest, and quitting football over a helmet is just ridiculous. Here are the details on the whole helmet ban issue and how Brown taking retirement could put the Raiders in trouble.

What is the Helmet Ban Issue?

NFL Raiders Antonio Brown Retirement Helmet Issues

Brown has been wearing his favorite helmet for nine years, but in 2018 NFL banned his helmet. There were many helmet models banned due to lack of safety and it included the one worn by Tom Brady too. A total of 32 NFL players including Antonio were given a one-year grace period to find a new helmet. In the meantime, the players were allowed to wear their old helmets while they could search for a new one.

Brown doesn’t want to leave his older helmet as it fits so well, and the newer ones hinder his vision. But the NFL approvals are based on impact force and not fitting. Further, the model which Brown wears is Schutt Air Advantage helmet, and the company has stopped making those. Hence, there is no way Brown’s helmet gets a pass despite how many legal cases he tries to fight.

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Raiders can face Punishment

Trouble for Raiders

The Raiders are trying their best to find a new helmet for Antonio Brown, but he only wants his old one. NFL has included a total of 34 helmet models after extensive lab testing, and Brown can easily pick one. Brown wanted to wear his older helmet so badly that he painted it with Raiders colors and hoped no one would notice.

It could have been massive trouble for the Raiders as the teams can also face legal punishment for their players wearing banned helmets. Tom Brady has almost confirmed retirement over other issues and Brown can do the same over his love of helmet.

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