Antonio Brown is making headlines daily for all the crazy stuff he has been doing in NFL. Oakland Raider signed Brown in March for a three-year deal at $50 million from the team of Pittsburgh Steelers. Ever since the deal, the Raiders have not seen any good days. While there is no doubt that Brown is a great football player, he surely lacks in other departments.

The 31-year-old wide receiver has been creating a lot of problem for the Raiders in the past few days. First, he got frostbite by not wearing footgear in a cryogenic chamber, and then he threatened to quit football over a helmet issue. NFL insiders believe that Brown has lost his mind and has gone Insane.

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Helmet Issue and Foot Injury

NFL Antonio Brown Helmet Issue

Antonio Brown is not ready to change his helmet even after NFL authorities have banned it. Due to safety concerns, the NFL told several players to replace their helmets within a year. While most of the players have already changed their helmets, Brown is not ready for that. He says that he will quit playing football but won’t leave his old helmet.

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Antonio Brown showing up to Raiders training camp like...
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Many people believe that Brown is certainly going through some mental issues, otherwise, no player would take a helmet ban so seriously. Apart from that, Antonio has strangely injured his foot soles. He went into a cryogenic chamber without covering his foot, and there are layers for skin peeling out. The crazy part is that Brown shared the story on Instagram, rather than going for medical treatment.

Does Antonio Brown has CTE?

Antonio Brown NFL CTE

NFL is a tough game, and players suffer from a head injury a lot of time, which can lead to several mental issues. Experts believe that Brown is suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). It is a mental condition which occurs due to repeated blows on the head. The recent things which Brown has done are kind of symptoms for CTE or some other medical disorder.

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Antonio Brown is like Lois in "Goodfellas". "I need it. It's my lucky hat. I won't fly without."
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There are many cases in the NFL games where players have gone insane due to concussion or head injuries. If Antonio Brown is suffering from such a thing and is going insane, then the Raiders should take care of his treatment.