Antonio Brown is going insane, and it has been the biggest problem for the team of Oakland Raiders. The 31-year-old wide receiver is freaking out over the smallest things, and the Raiders can’t take it anymore. They must be regretting why they bought Brown in the first place from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since the training camp has started for the Raiders, Brown has been throwing a lot of tantrums. First, he got his foot injured by going under cryotherapy without proper footwear. If that wasn’t enough, Antonio then threatened to quit football as his favorite helmet was banned. The whole Brown trade deal could prove to be the biggest mistake the Raiders made.

Good Records, Bad Behavior

Antonio Brown Helmet Oakland Raiders Bad Habits

Antonio Brown was traded in March from the Steelers by giving away the third and fifth-round selections in 2019 NFL draft. The Raiders paid him $50.125 million for a contract of three years. At that time, the deal sounded better for both Brown and the Oakland team. The reason why the Raiders signed Brown is he was Pro Bowler 7 times and First-Team All-Pro for 4 times.

There are high chances that Brown could soon enter the Hall of Fame for his dominant gameplay. In his career of nine NFL seasons, Brown had made 11,207 yards and 74 touchdowns on 837 receptions. But all this doesn’t matter if he can’t control his habits and behavior, which are creating trouble for the Raiders.

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No proper Replacements of Brown

Antonio Brown Helmet Oakland Raiders No replacements

Despite his solid stats, the massive headache Brown brings for the Raiders side is too much to handle. Jon Gruden, Khalil Mack, and Amari Cooper have all created a lot of fiasco for the Raiders in the past few years. If they further add the tantrums of Brown, it could be almost impossible to manage. But then again the Raiders don’t have any proper replacements for Antonio Brown.

Derek Carr is still not doing that great in the quarterback position and needs more time. Doug Martin and Tyrell Williams are kind of average players with inconsistent performance. The Raiders needs to improve their offense by a huge margin, and there is no way it can be done without Brown. Hence they have kind of screwed up, as they can’t play and can’t even replace Antonio Brown.

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